Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Hey everyone! I know I've been MIA for nearly a month now...I'm so sorry!  This is always an extremely busy time for our family business, but now that I have a few days off, I get to catch up on some blogs, and my own!

Today I'm linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday!
This weeks topic is guilty pleasures, and I have plenty of them!
(Forgive me if my list looks just like everyone elses, but I think alot of us have the same guilty pleasures!)

1. Sweets
Mainly cheesecake. I can't get enough of this stuff! Ever since I was little, cheesecake has always been my favorite dessert! It's what I have for every birthday and make for every family gathering. Anytime I can get my hands on this stuff, it's a good day, but I've really held back these past few months, which is why it's even more of a guilty pleasure!

2. Boy Bands
I'm not one to listen to the "Top 40" stations regularly, but on a trip to Birmingham back in March with NMC's sister and cousin, both of which are teenagers, I heard One Direction, and was kind of hooked! When I was younger, I was obsessed with bands like Hanson (Taylor was MINE!), N'Sync (Justin was my choice of course), and the Backstreet Boys (I was going to marry Brian), but I never thought that at 23, I would get excited when a new boy band popped up on the radio!

3. Talbots
I always knew about Talbots, but never had one close to anywhere I was. Well, NMC and I went to Nashville over the weekend and decided to visit one of favorite places to shop in the area, The Mall at Geenhills. I didn't know they had a Talbots, but when we walked past, I just had to go in. 3 hours later, having tried on everything in the store....I was hooked! Poor NMC, he had to wait that whole time and tell me what looked good and what didn't. He's a good man though, because he didn't complain once! Thanks NMC!

4. Dresses
Every time I go in a store, I sail right over to the dress section. I love dresses! Lately, I've been in love with dresses like the one above. Sometimes, I feel super self conscious about my arms, and would give anything to have a sleeve, and shirt dresses are perfect for me! You can dress them up or down really easily!

5. American Pickers
I don't know why...but I just love this show! I love to see what the guys can scrounge up and how much it ends up being worth. I've always been into to treasure hunting and exploring, so naturally, this would be the show for me! NMC and I watch it basically every night (He likes it too!).

Those are my guilty pleasures....what are yours?

xo Julia


  1. oh-em-gee. That cheesecake looks DELICIOUS! And I think we're gonna have to fight this one out...Taylor was totally mine!

  2. yum cakes!! cookies are a big one for me too :)

  3. Dresses are on my list, too! And I love American Pickers..it is one of the shows Austin and I can actually agree on!

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


  5. I love that dress. Where did you find such a beauty?