Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Latest Shopping Trip

Lately I have been in a buying mood, more so than usual!  So when the opportunity came up to go to the JC Penny Outlet, I couldn't pass it up!  The JCP Outlet is full of amazing deals, but you have to get there quick before they are all gone!  I totaled up my shopping trip and the full retail price would have been $120 but I only spent $30!  Here is what I got:

Gray leopard print scarf, Blue/gray/white scarf, 2 packs of socks, Pink V-neck knit shirt and a pair of flats. (not pictured are 2 shirts Neil got) 

Any time I come home from a shopping trip, this chair in our bedroom looks like this. I love to lay all my stuff out so I can see it!  Obsessive? Maybe. Crazy? I think not!  When I get a good deal, I'm seriously  super proud of myself!

Anyways, I also found these really cute passport sets. I remembered Ashley's post about chevrons, and not being able to find them in real life, so I thought I would snap a pic! I didn't get them, but they had plenty, so I might go back and pick some up!  How cute and preppy are these!?

Do any of you ladies get as excited as I do when you get a good deal? Should I go back and get those travel sets?

Now for some Giveaway Alerts!

1. I wanted to let y'all know about Emily's giveaway! She's got a Marley Lilly monogrammed scarf up for grabs! Make sure to swing by her blog and enter for your chance to win! Thanks Emily for the giveaway!

2. Julie from The Girl In The Red Shoes has a Scentsy giveaway going on right now!  One winner will win a warmer and scentblock and 3 others will win a scent ring to put in your car! Make sure to enter for your chance to win!

3. Sweet Southern Prep has a giveaway for a Kelly Rippa style sideways cross necklace from
Gems in Vogue! Make sure to enter! Let her know I sent you!

4. Lindsay over at Delighted Momma is having a giveaway for a Olive Yew bow necklace! I'm definitely hoping I win!

5. Jenna at Jenna's Journey is having a giveaway for a monogrammed large market tote from Sewing A Seed! Make sure y'all check it out! I love the pink floral pattern!

That's ALOT of giveaways going on in the blogaverse this week! I read and love each of these blogs, and I know y'all will too! Good luck to everyone!

xo Julia


  1. The travel sets sure are cute...and great finds! I love a good deal.

  2. Those travel sets are really cute! Looks like you got a lot of good stuff!

  3. I'm the same way with good deals! I basically only ever shop on sale or at the outlets :) Love what you got!

  4. Love love love the scarves! You got such a good deal! Also LOVE the pink and green travel set! Too cute!

  5. Love your finds! The scarves are adorable! Thanks for blogging about my giveaway!

  6. I LOVE the green travel set--so cute!

    Also, check out my blog, I gave you an award! :)

    Hope you're having a great week girl!

  7. Love the scarf. :)

    Heel in Mint