Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting and WILW!

Today I'm linking up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple for my first ever Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!  I have seen all of y'all talk about Pintrest, but never signed up. I finally realized what I was missing! Right now I'm waiting on my invite, so the things below will be pinned as soon as I finalize my account!

I am totally in the Christmas spirit and honestly have been since before Halloween!  I know, kind of weird, but I just absolutely LOVE Christmas time. Not because of the whole gift thing, although it's nice, but because of the feel in the air, spending time with family and just the overall Christmas spirit that goes around.  So with Christmas, in my house, comes baking! Here are some yummy looking treats that I would LOVE to make for the Holidays!

Rolo Turtles
 How easy is that! I am 100% going to try this!
Apple Cider Caramel Cookies
These look delish! I love the flavors of fall, and this is sure to be one of my new favorite cookies!

Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Butter Cream
Y'all! How perfect are these!? As you know, Red Velvet cake is a southern staple, and everyone thinks their Red Velvet cake is the best (which I'm sure it is!).  This will be my new unique recipe! Thanks pintrest :) Oh and it's a perfect treat for your Christmas party!

Iced Pumpkin Cookies
Like I said before, I LOVE fall flavors and Pumpkin is my ALL TIME favorite! I adore any, and everything pumpkin! So these cookies will be a perfect addition to Thanksgiving dessert!

Candy Acorns
Now how adorable are these!? So simple, just take a mini nutter butter cookie and slightly melt the Hershey kiss and stick them together! These would be a perfect treat for little ones to help with!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
My mom always makes chocolate covered pretzel rods around the Holidays. The M&M ones look really good!


I'm Loving..... That I have such an amazing husband! xo NMC

I'm Loving..... That our Christmas Open House at the shop is coming up really soon!

I'm Loving.... That my Granddaddy just turned 80! He's going on 20 haha.

I'm Loving..... That the Holly Jolly Swap is going on! How exciting!

I'm Loving..... That I just bought a new sewing machine! It's definitely time.

I'm Loving..... That we are 100% doing Black Friday. Last year was the first time I ever did it, and it was pretty fun!

I'm Loving..... My new sweater I picked up from Marshalls the other day! It's so soft, yet sooo stylish!

Wow...I'm loving alot of stuff right now! What are y'all loving?

xo Julia


  1. All those treats look so yummy! We've been making those rolo turtles for a while and they are so yummy! I'm excited about the Holly Jolly Swap! Can't wait to get a partner!

  2. Mmm everything looks SO yummy!! Happy birthday to your Grandfather!! I love shopping on Black Friday! I think it is so much fun!

  3. Ohhh yum, these look too good!

    Also, I'm positive you will LOVE pinterest, but I'm also positive you will be completely addicted! I just joined about a month ago and already have so many pins/boards...its so addicting but has so many great ideas!

  4. I'm LOVING this post hehe Do you ever show stuff from your shop? I'm so jealous you can sew!! Did you get a tree yet???