Friday, December 23, 2011

$5 Jewelry? Yes Please!

Hey everyone! I'm sure y'all are busy getting ready for Christmas. Can you believe it's almost here? Only 2 days left!

While I'm still not quite finished with my Christmas shopping, I was able to get a little bit done (for myself) at a Masquerade Jewelry fundraiser!  Neils mom went to one last weekend and said it was great, so of course, I had to tag along this weekend! What did I find? Jewelry, scarves, collegiate apparel and accessories and more!  This isn't the kind of stuff you would expect to find for $5! 

Who is Masquerade? "Masquerade Fundraising is, by far, the largest $5 Jewelry Fundraising Company in the Nation. We currently have over 40 representatives throughout the continental United States each fully backed by a strong and reputable National Corporation based in beautiful Knoxville, TN. We are dedicated to the Hospital Community and to helping our Volunteer and Auxiliary sponsors meet their fundraising goals." - Masquerades website

Here are a few pictures I took while I was there. (sorry for the phone pictures)

This was from the website. The one I took like this was too blurry :(

These were so cute! It is an earring and broach/pendant set! The "pendant" can be worn on a necklace, but also has a pin on the back so you can wear it as a broach!

These bracelets caught my eye, so I just had to take a picture! The blue and red bracelets hanging in the far box at the top were rope and diamonds. They definitely had a very nautical look, and I kind of hate now that I didn't get one!

Here's what I got!

This is one of the earring and broach/pendant sets. These guys were too cute to pass up!

This Pashmina scarf is just beautiful and feels amazing! I also got a set of small pearl studs.

How cute is he!?  It clips into your purse and holds your keys.

I highly recommend checking their website for an event near you! Every event is different though, as we found out this weekend. Some will have alot more than others and might have different items here and there, but over all they are all about the same. And remember, any purchase you make goes to help fund the hospital where the event is held! There's nothing like buying jewelry at great prices while helping the community at the same time!

Have any of y'all attended a Masquerade Fundraiser before? What did you think?

xo Julia

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  1. I noticed you haven't blogged in a little while and I miss reading your posts! Just wanted to let you know a fellow blogger was thinking of you! Happy New Year!